17 Digital Marketing Interview Questions

digital marketing interview questions for freshers

For freshers few digital marketing interview questions, who’s applying for digital marketing executive roles will determine your chance of get hired. A few questions in the digital assessment discussion will impact the chances you cracking it.

Digital marketing is now one of the fast growing field. As a fresher who is appearing for interview you can answer any digital marketing questions by understanding the core concepts.

For example, You can work in wide range of industries such as internet companies, marketing agencies, startups, even traditional companies.

Therefore, Let’s answer the most expected question in any interview.

What type of Questions will be asked in digital marketing interview?

  • Questions about basics of digital marketing
  • Questions on google ads
  • Question on Search engine optimization
  • Questions on Social Media marketing
  • Questions on Facebook ads

What is digital marketing?

Marketing a brand though digital channels such as SEO, Google ads, Facebook ads, email marketing, social media optimization, YouTube optimization, app store optimization.

In other words, marketing is same thing whether it’s a digital marketing or traditional marketing because both shares the same underlying principles. Just the medium, scale and other technological factors differ. Learn more about difference between traditional marketing vs digital marketing

Question : Can you categorize digital marketing?

This is a very subjective questions. One can classify digital marketing based on certain conditions. Imagine if you are asked to categorize India? how would you do? By language, by population, by GDP or by education?

How to answer? :

Answer this by the “criteria” which you choose to categorize digital marketing. Answers in the table:

By Nature of TrafficInbound MarketingOutbound Marketing
By User IntentIntent AdsDisplay ads
By budget SpendOrganicPaid Ads
By marketing ObjectiveAwareness ( social media marketing)Retention (Email marketing)
By Business ObjectiveLead GenerationSales

Question : What is SEO?

Well, it’s an must expect question, probably important Digital Marketing Interview Question. If you’re fresher/applying for entry level digital marketing jobs – it helps to understand what seo is.


So by definition SEO stands for Search engine optimization, In other words act of doing things within & outside of the website for google to consider most relevant link for the given user query.

So SEO has two parts. On page SEO and off-page SEO.

On-page SEOOff-Page SEO
Activities you can do on your own website to improve seo rankingsActivities that you do outside of your website to improve rankings
On-page Seo involves optimising meta title, meta description, keyword usage in content, image alt text, H1,H2 tags,Off-page means getting other websites to link to your own website- this is called backlink. You can create backlink by blog commenting, guest blogging, blog mentions, media converge etc.

Off-page seo consists of getting links from other websites to link to your website.

Additionally, Another follow up question with seo can be,

Q : How important keywords in SEO?

A: keywords are primarily text entered by users in google. Goal of any digital marketer is to rank their website in the first position for the same keywords. So keywords in SEO will form the basics for content optimization, on-page and other off-page activities.

Q: Explain PPC or CPC Or SEM?

A: PPC means pay per click. CPC means cost per click. SEM means search engine marketing. All of therms terms are almost same.

When you run paid ads on google/bing or any other search engine it’s called ppc/cpc/sem. Google is the largest search engine in the world.

Question: How cpc works?


google conducts a private ad auction which is real time. Advertisers who are bidding for the same search query will compete in auction and will be decided based on the Ad Rank and Cpc.

Ad rank is calculated using many factors including : CTR

  • CTR (click through rate)
  • Max CPC ( Max. cost per click advertisers are willing to pay for the click)
  • Landing page relevancy
  • Time spend on landing page
  • Quality Score (for that particular keyword)

PPC/CPC Questions

Q: What is Google Ads?

A: It’s a the programmatic platform created by google. it enables advertisers to run ads without having to talk to ad sales persons. Google is the first cpc based advertiser who started to award first position based on relevancy.

In google ads relevancy to the user is very important than the bid amount. Ad platforms before google have allowed to dominate advertisers solely based on money hence user experience was great.

Adding relevancy as a mandatory factors have changed everything about google and digital marketing. This happened around 20 years ago.

To Prepare well in Google ads for the digital marketing interview , learn these following:

For Ad copy:

  • Clear expectation of landing page
  • Including “keywords” phrase
  • Using Ad extensions
  • incorporating Responsive ad type

For keywords:

  • Analyzing search term reports
  • Adding negative keywords on daily basis
  • Right match type for keywords
  • Optimal bidding for keywords

Managing campaigns:

  • Right bidding strategy
  • Right tracking templates
  • Review Cpc metrics
  • Review non performing keywords
  • Optimize landing page.

Q: What is Re-targeting?

A: Re-targeting is the process of engaging with users who visited previously but may or may not performed a desired action. It helps to improve conversions and conversion rate as the user is already exposed to the brand.

Re-targeting uses cookie technology who is basically stored in the computer by the server you visit.

Q: What is responsive design?

A: Responsive design makes web pages/apps offer a similar kind of user experience across various devices such as computer, tablet, mobile. Bootstrap is the popular web framework which is widely used to create responsive web apps. This contains rich css library which does the behind the door work to make it responsive.

Question : What online tools you can use for digital marketing?


  • SEMrush
  • Moz
  • Ahrefs
  • Google search console
  • Google analytics
  • Hotjar
  • Luckyorange
  • Zoho campaigns
  • Screaming frog
  • XML sitemap generator
  • Yoast seo
  • Buffer

Preparing for Social Media Interview Questions

Question : What is social media and why it is important?

Answer : In a survey, about 70% of the customers have engaged with a brand before considering to buy from it. So it’s important to have good social media presence for a business.

Potential customers can engage and business can build awareness.

Answer 2 : About 3.5 Billion people use social media. Which means half of the world population. So it’s helps business to focus on Social media.

In Digital Marketing interviews answering questions with data points as a fresher it could make better impression.

Q: What are the types of campaign you can run on social media ?

A: Once can run campaigns to suit almost any business objectives. Most common objectives are : Lead generation, Awareness, Brand Consideration, Product sales.

Non technical Questions during digital marketing interview for fresher:

Q: How Would you see yourself in “X” years :

Ans : Ready made answer won’t work. Here’s the guidelines for the same. You have to project how thoughtful you are in the long term. So be realistic with what you think you can achieve or become in long term. Keep it specific. vague answer doesn’t inspire trust.

How to prepare for digital marketing interviews if you’re fresher?

As a digital marketing beginner you might be confused with whole questions/topics. But here’s some of the non technical aspects to focus:

  • Don’t Lie. If you don’t know – say it. Don’t try to cover it up
  • As a fresher no one is expected to know all the concepts (it’s okay if you don’t know)
  • Ask questions. Show that you care, therefore it gives a signal that your giving value than taking value from company.
  • If you’ve done something like a blog, Facebook & Instagram page, It’s very important to show it. even if that’s shitty. only your enthusiasm matters.

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