How to create Facebook Ads Campaign – The Ultimate guide

creating Facebook campaigns

In this  chapter we are going to learn how to create facebook ads. Facebook is one of the powerful entity in the digital marketing. One of the reason i think is the scale. If you nail the targeting right, Facebook offers an amazing way to scale digital marketing. When it comes to scaling ads ( keeping result quality aside) Facebook has no match.

Also, Facebook offers handful of objectives to help advertisers of all needs.Before going to create facebook ads you have keep in the following objectives mentioned below.

Facebook ads offers three types of objectives in top level:

  • Awareness
  • Consideration
  • Conversion

Once you choose any of the campaign objectives, Facebook algorithm will help you achieve your objectives. Before jumping into campaign creation, let’s visit each larger and sub objective to learn what they are and how you can use them to promote your business.

Create Facebook ads for Awareness :

Audience stage : cold audience

how to create facebook ad campaign creation

Awareness as an campaign objective is making sure that target audience know your business. This is very similar to television, radio & newspaper campaigns. You don’t aim to generate actions from your target audience but to reach.

Awareness type objective can be helpful in creating awareness for a product/service which market is yet to understood. Apple iPod, one of the best example. User don’t know their problem – carried bulk Mp3 players with limited songs. Apple created awareness using this type of campaign to generate market demand.

One of the problem with this awareness is – you can’t actually measure awareness generated via online ad scientifically. Reason? Awareness happens inside user mind. You can see the impact on awareness on another type of campaign but awareness can’t be measure inherently.

You can hope that you are increasing the your brand awareness using your campaign.

Create Facebook ads for Consideration :

Audience : Warn Audience

how to create facebook ad campaign creation - consideration

Consideration is the obvious next step of awareness campaign. In this objective, consideration actually happens on your ads and landing page. Considerations can be measured in the form of click through rate, cost per click, soft conversion, returning visitor etc.

When consideration in your campaign objective, you tends to experience either your product or a digital property. This stage offers occurs before the final sales objective. “consideration ” objective has sub- objectives depends on the nature of business.

Branch-Objectives of consideration:

  • Traffic
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead Generation
  • Post Engagement
  • Page likes
  • Event Responses
  • Messages  
Traffic :

Facebook campaign creation - Traffic

When traffic is your objective you will be generating a lot of traffic to your website. Note that generating traffic as an objective is entirely different from conversions objectives. Even though in both cases only things happens is traffic.

In traffic objective, your goal is to bring as many users to your web property ( landing page, homepage, app page). You generate traffic regardless of what happens after the traffic in this objective.

When this objective happens, customer will be visiting your web property from Facebook.

App installs :

facebook campaign creation-App Installs

App installs objective campaign helps you to get as many app installs possible for budget. Depending upon the app ecosystem you will be directing user to app store, play store or windows store.

App installs doesn’t stop with directing users to app store or play store. This objectives helps to achieve apps installs at optimum cost. Or that’s what the algorithm built for this objective was supposed to do.

Same with traffic , this objective happens outside of Facebook.

Video Views :

Facebook campaign -Video Views

This is in sub part of consideration objective as because people might consider something after seeing a video about same. But i would use video views as awareness objective not consideration.

Video views are excellent choice for creating awareness. But for consideration, not so much.

Video views happens on the Facebook. User is not taken outside.

Lead generation :

facebook campaign- Lead Generation

Similar to the video views this one is also a misplaced objective. Lead generation in this campaign objective is simple. You create a contact form within Facebook. You decide which information you want to get about customer. Then all those form fields required for information will be created.

You direct the customer to the form. If he’s convinced about your offering ( by reading the information you provide above the form) then he will conveniently ( because form is prefilled for him) submit his information. All this happens inside Facebook.

Post engagement :

Demographics targeting -google display

This is one of the core forms of engagement and consideration. This will be one of ideal consideration objective to assist before the main objective. This objective aims to generate buzz or engagement by making user engage.

Engage means liking, commenting, reacting and sharing to your posts. This happens on the Facebook platform. If you think how it helps?, it increases social proof of your brand. Now if you ask me with is social proof, here is my explanation:

There’s two brands X and Y which has very similar offerings. So customer is looking to decide on one brand. So he researches about both brands. Brand X has more engagement in social media and brand Y doesn’t have any.

For user it seems, users are asking about the product in X’s social page and brand X is helping customers. But brand Y’s social page is empty. Hence all things being equal, he will be inclined to brand X due to social proof.

Page like :

facebook campaigns objective - page likes

Page like is one form of social proof. Hence this objective helps your page to get as many page likes as possible for the budget. This happens inside the Facebook.

Event responses :

This is specifically helpful to local business which organised trade shows or some meetups. This objective will help you to get many event responses for your event. So prerequisite for this objective is to have an event created.

This objective happens inside Facebook.

Messages :

Facebook objective - Messages

This objective helps you to get message replied from user inquiring about your product. This objective is a good start for consideration because it helps you to interact with customers without pushing them much.

But this objective requires a considerable manpower to support the messages and support queries.

Create Facebook ads for Conversions :

Conversion objective is the closest to business success. Usually conversion refers to one of the following things:

  • Conversions
  • Catalog Sales
  • Store Visits
Conversions :

facebook campaign objective- conversion

Conversions in general refers to conversion of user from one state to another state. This could be conversion from website visitor to lead , or lead to sales. Conversion as a term refers to various objectives based on business.

One thing common in conversion is the considerable important objective for any business to achieve online.

Catalog sales :

how to create facebook ad campaign objective - catalog sales

This refers to direct sales from eCommerce channels. Inherently catalog is true form of conversion since value ( money) is extracted from the campaign. Since the direct value extraction is influenced by these campaigns, competition will be intense.

Store Visits

how to create Facebook ad campaign objective-Store Visits

Facebook partners with third party data providers to give you offline conversions. But if you’re sales is so huge and can’t be done as one time interaction in eCommerce. You can use this objective to maximize the likelihood of customer visiting store.

So above all objective you have to keep in mind before learning how to create facebook ads campaign

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