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In this chapter we are going to  learn about behavioral targeting in Facebook ads. But before that we have to know what is behavioral targeting.

What is behavioral targeting?

Targeting Facebook Ads

Facebook Behavioral targeting determines the high probability of a user interest. It is something based on the user’s internet history, search history, recent purchases. Also, based on this data behavioral profile for each user is created and used by advertisers to target.

These information such as browsing history, search history , purchase history can be facilitated using cookies. In addition, the Facebook behavior targeting profile could be using data from outside source.

If you want to know the different types of Facebook ads targeting were explained in the  previous chapter.

What types of data the Facebook behavioral targeting contains:

Behavioral targeting in Facebook Ads contains two types of data:

Facebook + third party data providers:

This type of information is used to target people based on their offline purchase or behavior patterns. Those offline actions are not happened on Facebook or the user self declared that it happened. For instance, this data include : frequent flyer miles, types of car owned, types of movie theater visited.

Standalone Facebook data :

This type of information is used to target people based on their Facebook activities. If you declared that you had an anniversary on Facebook or donated to a charity. Also, this types contains information such as how easily are you adopting new technologies.

Behavior targeting availability :

One of the important things to note while learning the behavioral targeting is all behavior targeting is Geo-location specific. For example, partner categories are available only for seven countries. Therefore, this options are available in these countries : Australia, Brazil, France, Germany, japan, united kingdom and united states.

Who are those third party data providers ?
  • Acxiom
  • Experian
  • Greater Data
  • Quantium
  • CCC
  • Oracle Data Cloud
  • Epsilon
  • TransUnion
  • WPP

Types of Behavioral Targeting

  • Anniversary
  • Consumer Classification
  • Digital Activities
  • Ex-pats
  • Mobile Device User
  • Mobile Device User /device use time
  • Multicultural Affinity
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Soccer
  • Travel

Anniversary :

Occasional based Targeting- Anniversary

This targeting options let advertisers to target people based on the anniversaries. It used to contain so many types of anniversaries but as of now only one. May be I suppose this varies from countries to countries.

For Indian audience, you can target people who has anniversaries coming within 60-90 days.

Consumer Classification

Facebook ad targeting- Consumer Classification

This section allows advertisers to target people. Based on their preference to high value and low value goods. It also available for the country-wise. Targeting options varies for some countries too.

For India audience you can target people based on two behaviors:

  • People in India who prefer high value goods
  • People in India who prefer mid and high value goods

If you’re trying to promote a luxury product or a best product which is little costly you can go with first option.

For instance if you’re selling products to customers who are price sensitive, you can go with second option.

Digital Activities:

This category consists of targeting options based on the online activities the user do.

You can target people based on the games they play,  acceptance towards new technology. Also, based on the device they use to access Facebook, targeting page admins and based on whether they purchased anything on Facebook.

Here’s targeting options under digital activities :

  • Canvas gaming
  • Console games
  • Early technology adopters
  • Facebook page admins
  • Facebook payment users (30 days)
  • Facebook payment users (90 days)
  • Facebook payment users ( higher than average)
  • Facebook Access older devices and OS
  • Internet browser used
  • Primary email domain

If you’re promoting a saas product that works with a specific email provider you can do the primary email domain targeting. Above all, you can also try with the internet browser used by the people if you’re product is browser specific ( browser extensions).

You can also target people who are Facebook page admins. In conclusion, you can target people who are frequent purchasers too.

Ex-pats :

Ex-pats or An expatriate is a person who stays in a country other than his native country for a period of time. This targeting is helpful in targeting a specific citizens of a country staying in a given Geo.

This could be useful if you’re promoting a African cuisine restaurant in India and you can target people from Africa using the expats category.

Under this options, Facebook lets you to targets expats from all the countries.

Mobile device :

Mobile Device based Ads

Although, it seems very simple & targeting people based on the mobile device is still a powerful one. Facebook offers these targeting options under the mobile device user of behavior targeting.

You can target people based on the mobile brand they use, type of the network connection ( 2G, 3G & 4G). For instance, you can also target people based on the operating system of their mobile ( android ,iOs and windows) . As a result you can target people who use feature phone too.

If you’re promoting an gadget for a particular mobile model , this targeting is incredibly helpful to increase the sales.

Mobile device with use time :

You can target people who are more engaged with Facebook. Under this category, you can target people who are using Facebook right from first month to two years. If you’re promoting a Facebook game or an app that depends on Facebook ( like tinder) this could be very helpful.

API Developers

If you want to hire Facebook API developers, Facebook allows that too. Just under the More categories of behavioral targeting. Recruiters rejoice.

Multicultural Affinity :

multicultural affinity

Although, this seems like a controversial targeting options. Also, it still can help nonprofits to find donors. Under this targeting you will be able to targeting people who has affinity to various cultures.

Purchase Behavioral :

Behaviour targeting - shopping

Behavioral targeting allows advertisers to reach customers who purchase outside of the Facebook. If you’re wondering how Facebook knows about the purchase you made outside of the Facebook- The data partners.

Update :  Since the Cambridge analytica scandal, Facebook is pulling the plug on the partner categories. Learn more about – Facebook closing data partners targeting

As a result, you no longer can be able to target people. For instance, who purchased a specific automobile, specific type of clothes or a people who visit certain shopping malls.

Soccer :

Facebook Behavior - Soccer

Although cricket is the mainstream sport in India. But, Soccer is a global sport. Thus Facebook being a global platform allows advertisers to target people based on the soccer. This has three targeting options :

  • Target friends of the soccer fans
  • Targeting people who show high engagement for soccer
  • Targeting people who show moderate engagement for soccer

This targeting could be very useful if you’re promoting a sports goods/apparels based on the soccer.


Facebook Behaviour - Travel

Travel being one the important behaviors of people, Facebook doesn’t misses in targeting. You can target people who are regular commuters, frequent international travelers, travel frequency based on weeks.

This targeting options will be useful , if you’re promoting the traveling agency or tourism related services. In conclusion, it could be also used for the B2B travel purposes.

Nail Care :

In addition, to the above mentioned categories, Facebook allows advertisers to target people who are interested in nail care. Although, this is creepy this could help nail polish companies to make a revenue.

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