How to optimize Facebook ads

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In this chapter we are going to learn how to optimize Facebook ads. As said in the previous chapter, Ad creative is single , most important factor. It can bring down cost per impression, cost per click , cost per conversion , etc. Bottom line is ad image is very important and let’s see how to optimize ads for a campaign.

Steps to follow optimize Facebook ads:

Ad Image

how to optimize facebook ads

Since Facebook is a social Media company, image will be single largest predictor of ad success. Image occupies more real estate in the ad. Image is what makes the user to pay attention to your ad creative.

Here’s the best practices on how to optimize image for Facebook ads.

Not so much text :

This one is the Facebook benchmark for all images in Facebook ads. The text used in the image should not be exceed 20% area of the image.

Show People not models

Graphic designers tends to use stock images which creating image for Facebook ad. It’s advisable to use normal human beings images in the ads to resonate with you’re targeting audience. Also, it might seem very obvious to use humans in the image rather than things and illustrations.


Color of the image is very important. You can try using colors that contrasts with Facebook central theme color ‘ Blue ‘. Avoid using blue color in the image. Reason being is that blue color often merges with background and makes impossible for an ad to stand out. You can also research about the targeting audience which colors they could respond well.


Find out who going to use your product or service more. Men or women? , younger or elder?. Things like this come handy when you have multiple images and you can experiment with each and see how it performs.

Logo & text

Some brands exclude logo in the images, some brands include. Some creatives has text on it some has only images. These things are purely for open interpretation of the advertiser to use or not to use . Results could vary for each other.

Ad Caption / Introduction text :

This element is the text that appears above the image. This text is the first thing user could see when you’re ad appears. This text plays very important role in getting the user hooked with the post and it was widely used by the advertisers.

How to create attractive intro text?

Pro tip : you can also use emojis in your introduction text. It will make post more like from an another person. You can also use numbers to get attention. It is advisable to use long introduction text as possible. You can also ask people to tag, comment but it shouldn’t be spammy as Facebook downplays such engagement bait type contents.

Headline text

This will be shown next to the ad image. Text for the headline will be prominent for obvious reasons. Usually headline will be used for product or service names. If you’re running objective based campaign such as conversion or sales, the headline influences user to make a click.

How to create a better Ad headline text?

Using numbers in the headline have proven tactics to increase the engagements. The reason being is that numbers are catchy and grabs attention is a flash. If you can’t use numbers in your case you can also mention the benefits rather than features.

If you’re selling a consumer product, you can also include the promo code in the headline. Technically, you’re headline could vary from product to product. The general guideline to follow is to keep your headline relevant, simple and short ( 80-100) chars.

Description text

Description text is the last element of the Facebook ads. In addition description for the ads will be shown only on the desktop computers and not on mobile phones. So while creating description it’s advisable to keep desktop users in mind. Descriptions can be used to convey information that are necessary but not headline worthy.

How to create better descriptions

Even though headline is the center pitch of the ads, descriptions supports that claim. To be honest , descriptions are the underrated element for improving the click through rates. You can include what lies ahead if the users clicks the ad.

Call to Action

This the small button on the right side of ad creative. Call to action informs how the user can interact with ad.

Call to Action Best Practices

Facebook has already the work for you. It provides you pre-created call to actions like : book now, contact us, use app , play game, show now,  signup , watch video. You can select based on your ad creative.

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