Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads – Targeting Explained

facebook ads targeting

In this chapter we are going to learn about various targeting options available in Facebook ads to achieve your goals. Lead generation is one of the critical outcome of the digital marketing. Above all lead generation is where sales takes place and revenue starts. Facebook has sophisticated crazy targeting options to make advertiser’s life little easy.

When it comes to running a Facebook lead generation campaigns, there are three things needs to be done.

Step : 1 Setting up conversion tracking for lead measurement

Step :2 Getting the targeting ready ( deciding whom to show the ad)

Step :3 Getting the creative ready ( deciding what to show as an ad)

Step :4  Analysis and optimization ( things never work for first time, hence optimize )

Step 1: Setting up conversion tracking for Facebook lead generation

This is a must activity for any lead generation campaign. Setting up the tracking mechanism should be first step in those campaign. Read Conversion tracking for Facebook lead gen ( interlink)

Step 2  Getting targeting ready.

With the Facebook targeting ad creative plays an important role in bringing down the cost. In addition targeting will play an important quality in lead quality and sales qualified leads. One of the best feature about the Facebook ad is the targeting available options to advertisers. To be honest Facebook targeting makes life a little easier. In Facebook ads targeting there are four ways to reach your audience.

Here’s the 4 ways to target audience in Facebook

Demographics :

facebook targeting demographics

In marketing sense demographics refers to general information about people. Demographics doesn’t have specific things like religion. It has basic information about gender, education, household size, relationship status ( Facebook knows this very well) , employment and important life events. Basic level demographics can be used to target mass audience who might have a similar need or a problem needs to be addressed.

How to use demographics in Facebook targeting?

Imagine you are running a campaign to sell  trendy women’s high heels online. This product is the women’s footwear which could be used by all the women irrespective of profession, household, income or other preferences.

In such cases one of the primary targeting you can try out is demographics. You can research online to get the basic demographics like what is the age group among the women who wears high heels which could be single common factor among all women’s.

If the high heels is exotic one, you can also choose the relation status. If someone is engaged, they soon get married which means they could also buy the high heels.

As per our imagination, here the demographic targeting for our amazing exotic high heels product,

Age : 18-40

Relationship status : Single & in-a-relationship

Life events : Got engaged

Interest targeting

Facebook Interest Targeting

This is the most used targeting in Facebook, it offers many options as well. One of the advantage with this targeting is you will be getting closely relevant audience in larger scale. Large enough to impact the us elections. ( interlink).

For every user Facebook assign interests based on their profile activity and the pages they like.

How to use Interest Targeting

As usual, assume that you’re running a Facebook campaign to help admission for a computer science course. First things first, the appropriate age for college could be 18 but it will be impossible to tell all the 18 years old want to join computer science.

So in this case, demographics alone won’t help you in narrow down the relevant audience. Here’s the total audience in India just for the age of 18-20.

47 Million, However, it can be used a base level filter and interest can be applied on top of that.

You have to research about your customer that what are common characteristics of a computer science student. Obvious one: interest will be in computers & computer science. They also like pages like Microsoft, tech crunch , C net and other computer news sites.

Now the targeting is, 3.6 Million but a relevant audience to campaign adjective which is increase computer science admissions. The three targeting options used above are for example purposes, usually more the better.

Behavior Targeting in Facebook

Facebook Behavior Targeting.

So we have seen demographics & interests. Behavior contains more emotional elements such as anniversaries, buying preferences, racial preferences, technological adaptation. Travelling behavior and a lot more.

This type of targeting options can be used in unique scenarios where above options can’t help narrow down the authors.  

How to use behavior targeting

Imagine you’re trying to promote a state of art software product which is the first of its kind. Let’s assume that the software product is intended for the computer science students. It could help them to do their assignments.

However, this is a very new product and no one is aware of the need of the product. You basically need someone who is open enough to try out your product without much hesitation. In those cases, behavior targeting helps. You can use one of the behavior targeting ( early adapter) on top of the obvious demographics and interest targeting.

Early adopters are the beta users of the products who likes to try out a product whenever it comes to market. It doesn’t mean that early adopters will try out irrelevant products. It’s just a online behavior not an interest.

Special Mention : More categories

Yes, Facebook has a targeting options to target people who are interested in nail care. It’s pretty obvious that if you’re selling any nail care products or services you can use this. You can also use this targeting options if nail care is related to any one of your service offerings.

Final Thoughts on Facebook targeting

As mentioned earlier Facebook ads offers you plenty of targeting options which is laser targeted. You can use either one or all options in your campaign. Based on your targeting style and campaign requirements.

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