Definite Guide to Google Display Ads – Bid Strategies

google display ads - bid strategies

Similar to google search ads , there are number of display ads bidding strategies also available. It has fundamentally two variants : Manual & Automated bidding.

bidding strategies in google display ads

Automated bidding strategies in display network:

Some bidding strategies such target cpa, maximize conversions, Enhanced cost per click (ECPC). One bidding which differs view able CPM.

Automated bidding strategy vs Manual Bidding strategy
know the difference

Why should you opt for automated bidding strategies.

If you’re an one member startup or student/self employed, you can opt for automated bidding to let google to do the bidding work for you.

Why shouldn’t go for automated bidding strategies.

If you want to have complete control of campaign performance. If you want to learn how bidding auction works and how it bidding cost influences the ad rank and other factors.

What it means – Automated bidding strategy

Target CPA

This bidding strategy in display ads helps advertisers to generate leads at an average cost defined by them. Sometimes the value might be little over or little less than you entered. This works only if you had setup conversion tracking ( interlinking) in your account.

If you’re setting this up on new campaign it might take at least 30 conversion to optimize bid. So in early days, even in the automated cpa bidding , cpa value might be differ since it’s a new campaign, google needs initial data to optimize.

If your going to increase or decrease a budget, you have to do it gradually. Drastically changing bid cost would make it difficult for google algorithm to optimize.

Target ROAS ( Return on Ad spend) 

In lead generation process, cost per lead is a critical metric. Some business cost per lead won’t be a simple-straight forward metric. For example the value of lead who download “free white paper ” is entirely different from the “high intent lead who looking to buy your product”

This is extremely useful :

  • you have multiple lead types & each add different value to business
  • You want to set up leads cost in a way that, it actually helps you to attain more profit (%)

Prerequisites :

To use this, your specify conversion value before the using this strategy.

Maximize clicks

This is a straightforward bidding strategy. This will bid in such a way that it yields more clicks to your ads.

Enhanced cost per click

This is very similar to manual CPC. Enabling this means, google will have a flexibility to bid 30% more if there’s a chance of conversion. You might ask how the heck google knows whom will convert – Google has your browsing history, search history, places moved and other things. By using those factors google claims that it can predict the conversions.  

Automated: View able CPM

If you have branding or visibility as a goal, this strategy is the must use. You have to specify the budget, google will make sure you have more visibility and daily budget meet.

Manual Bidding strategies

This bidding facilitates all types of objectives, except you have the control. You can control the maximum cost per click and in-turn which control impressions, positions and cost per conversions.

If you want to have good control over the campaigns and performance, you should go with this bidding strategy.

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