Google Ads – Introduction and types explained

Introduction to google ads

Google Ads is undoubtedly the beast of online advertisements. This chapter is about how we use the beast to win digital marketing wars. There are two types of google ads in advertisement modes.

What are the advertisements mode in google ads?

In the larger perspective, there are two types of google ads offering can be broadly classified into

  • Intent based targeting
  • Targeting cold audience

Google search Ads 

Google Search Ads

Intent based targeting happens on the search campaigns. When the user search on the search engine, the inherent need for the problem can be easily identified. But not all the queries that are put in the search engine will have an intent.

Sometimes people would look for directions to a certain place, just look for more information and sometimes people look to perform a certain actions (download, install, buy, subscribe).

A research estimates about less than 10% of internet queries will have a buying intent. The rest 90% of the queries can be informational, navigational queries. However, those 10% keywords are still large considering google will have 10’s of trillion searches performed, advertisers would never run out of the keywords to target.

One advantage with the search campaigns is user is likely to sign up or purchase. Since the intent is so high, higher conversion rate in search targeting. This happens only on the google homepage and search results page.

This type of campaigns can be used in lead generation, content marketing, eCommerce, awareness and other objectives..

Google display

google display

Google display is the byproduct of google ad sense. In google ad sense independent content creators such as bloggers, video bloggers and app owners will be signing up for selling ads to customers via google display network. They will be paid based on how many clicks happens on their website.

So in this way, google now holds more than 2 Million websites. So as an digital marketer you have access to two million website to show your ads and only challenging prospect is find out the websites which users are relevant to the product /service being sold or advertised.

This google display network can be used to create awareness of the product or service . This also helps you to reach many audience in the scale which might not be possible with other advertisement mediums. This channel is primarily used for reaching the audience repeatedly via re-targeting

YouTube Ads

youtube Ads

YouTube ads is all about showing ads on the YouTube. A google acquired user generated content site. YouTube is another form of display advertisement which is very similar to the TV advertisement.

In the google display network your ad will be appearing along the text content whereas in the YouTube ads , the ad will be shown along the video content. This is can be used for user engagement, brand awareness, Re targeting. This medium also provides you an opportunity to reach the audience at scale.

Google Product Ads

google product ads

Google offers merchant center which helps advertisers to list their products and services and then put those on the google search , google display and YouTube ads. Merchant center acts as a catalog for the products.

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