How does it feels like to live independent

I’m a young graduate (or I remember so). I never been completely independent until two years ago. But being independent is not exactly cool as they portray in movies and social media.

Honestly, being independent is realizing this:

what you can do;  what you like to do;  what you hate to do; how nice is not be independent.


So basically,

What you can do:

You can earn


Being independent is way overrated. Some young lads think that being independent is really being in an environment where “no one controls you” . 

A friend of mine brags about being independent by staying 500 Km away from home but she’s depend of her family for expenses. Being away from home and having no control of your lifestyle doesn’t mean you’re independent.

Independence comes with freedom (no one to control) as well as the responsibility (ability to earn your food and living).

If you can earn some money there’s a good chance that you actually start living self-sustaining and independent life.

You can cook


This wonderful takeaway being an independent person.

Being independent means not depending others not just for money but also for food (which you can cook yourself).

Before being independent which is two years ago, I never thought I could do the cooking. I never thought cooking would be fun. I never thought I can actually cook.  Simple dishes have a complex way of cooking (dosa, rasam) and complex dishes have a simple way of cooking (chicken biriyani).

It’s really easy to cook biriyani than to cook rasam (or at least for me).

You realize value of money

It’s really uncomfortable to spend my money than my fathers.



I’m really sorry for my father, though.   😛

But the truth is: My conscience never let me spend my money in a way I used to spend.

During my college days, I used to spend INR.3K on my shirt and now I can manage my monthly expenses on INR.3K (food and accommodation included) in a second expensive city in Tamil Nadu.

Once you started to earn money and you got to make living with that you will realize how important money is in life. Or at least how important it is to pay bills.

What you like to do

You can try crazy stuff yourself


Being independent comes with the privilege of doing what you like.

After all, you earn, you live, who else to stop you?

I have tried some crazy stuff’s like:

  • Eating completely vegetables for breakfast for a couple of weeks. (in my home context, it was no way possible)
  • Watching 3 movies a week (it was not possible in home context, I had conservative upbringing)
  • Roam around till 2 Am (no way possible if I were in home)
  • Hanging around with friends (in home context questions like: whom, when, why, why now, and then no)
  • Some stuffs which are not safe to publish here… 😛

What you hate to do

Now comes a slight downside of being independent.

hate to maintain tidiness.


Starting off as an independent seem proud and clean in the beginning. But at last proud only remains!

You will start to appreciate the tidiness your mom maintains in the home. As day passes, you room will start look messier than you thought.

You think your room is still decent, but your friends visiting your room will think otherwise.

They will joke about the fear of being chocked in your room. Your confidence level is in same line with floor 😀

hate to wash clothes


who doesn’t hate to wash clothes? Boy! it was one hell of a job.

If you have clothes to wash cancel your weekend plans

And Finally,

How nice is to be independent


Overall, It is nice. In the life context:

Earlier you start being independent , better you are!


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