Womens Day- My thoughts

Do you know, why we celebrate days such as “Valentine day”, “Independence day”, “Republic day”, “Veterans day”, etc?.


During my childhood, if any of such days brings me holidays I was extremely happy. In fact I wanted more such days.

But I seldom cared about why we celebrate such days. I hardly celebrated any days, except some celebrations which were celebrated by family.

But now as an adult, I still love these days because of one single reason- Holidays !!!! Yay!!

Despite the age, every time I hear about these days, I always planned some trip or something else. 24 years passed, I neither got the clarification of why celebrating nor celebrated the days.


With some common sense, in retrospect, I would say that we are celebrating “Independence day” because community wanted people to remember something forever. But people remember as long as holidays announced for such days.

We got independence from British on 14-Aug-1947, so we are celebrating independence day on 14-Aug since then.

But let’s say, do you remember your grandma’s birthday? or grandpa’s ? not sure so?

If community is important to the part of who you are, grandparents are the only reason for why you were born.

Ironically we remember all those days, hardly remember grand parents b’day.

That’s not the point I wanted to emphasis. Maybe we don’t celebrate grandma’s birthday’s because:

  • No national holidays were declared on the day (may be coincidence for some granny’s)

Also in another angle, the special day’s are to remind people at least to remember a thing once an year. Agree? So does the facts.

Here’s the list of famous days in India:

  • Republic day
  • Valentine’s day
  • Women’s day
  • Fools day
  • Labour day
  • Friendship day
  • Independence day
  • Gandhi Jayanthi
  • Children’s day

Do you remember about Gandhi’s birthday on days other than October 2?

So this justifies that, Gandhi is an important person to our country and he deserves to be remembered on this birthday by the country that he fought for.

So it makes sense to celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi on Oct-2.

But how about Women’s day?

I called my mom morning to ask how to cook “rasam”, my female friend in office helped me, I dropped a friendly message to my gf, my grandma called me to know if I had a food. They are in the integral part of my life.

They are like air, they are everywhere, essential to us & without them we can’t exist.

This again brings me greater confusion about the reason why we celebrate days. We don’t celebrate days to cherish how oxygen helps us to live, how eyes helps us to see, in the extent we celebrate women’s day.

So when I hear about Women’s day celebration, that implies that women are being forgotten (Gandhi Jayanthi), being under appreciated (Labour’s day), happened 60 years ago (like India’s independence day)-Which is complete Absurd.

So when society celebrates Women’s day it acknowledges that society doesn’t treat women’s fairly.

Women’s day-Oxymoron.


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