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Learn Digital Marketing course

Learn Digital Marketing course

Looking to Learn digital marketing ? Here the extensively documented methodology on digital marketing. I assure you this course is straight to the point, very practical. Digital marketing is a very dynamic field, though I have created this course to suite the present requirements. The course will be updated once in a while to keep the freshness.

Who can Learn Digital Marketing?

Basically this course is for anyone who have an intention to learn digital marketing. This course is suitable for engineers, doctors, lawyers, college graduates & whoever interested. I primarily designed this course inspired by Elon musk first principle’s thinking philosophy. I explained strategies with first principle which might not necessarily be same as widely followed herd like strategies.

The strategies I’d recommended are 100% used by me on various campaign on different geographies. I’d encourage you to use the strategies recommended, if you need any clarification you can reach me out social media and email.


This will help you to setup the digital marketing campaigns on your own, forming strategies, understanding reports, analyzing & optimizing ad campaigns. If you’re a small business owner who looked to setup digital marketing, you can use the strategies straightway. In case you need any assistance you can reach out to me.

If you’re a college student and looking to have a career in digital marketing then this is the only course you need. Remember , this course is good enough to create a real-life advertisement campaigns, so as a fresher you will be having the knowledge of professionals- which is a competitive edge over other freshers who are applying for the same job as you.

MBA students can also use this course to upgrade their knowledge before entering into the real job.

Course Structure

This digital marketing course is very comprehensive and structured. Totally divided into 5 chapters.


  1. Introduction
  2. Google ads
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. LinkedIn & other ads
  5. Analytics & Measurement

Chapter : 1 Introduction- Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing - Intro

Introduction to digital marketing. A prerequisite chapter before you start to learn digital marketing course.This chapter cover the basics of digital marketing in the top level. You will understand the technological advantages of digital marketing over traditional marketing and how you can use while creating the digital marketing campaigns for yourself.

I’d recommend you to go-through this chapter to help you understand the strategies and methodologies explained in other chapters. But if you’re already familiar with digital marketing or learn a course before, or you want to learn google, Facebook ads straightway, you may skip this chapter.

Chapter : 2 Google Ads

Google ads chapter contains two major sub divisions and each sub divisions contains 5 sub chapters. 5 Sub chapters are : Introduction, Campaign outline, Targeting, Tracking & Analysis with optimization. The google search & google display ads are entirely covered in this course.

If you’re looking to learn google search & Display ads this chapter should be more than enough for you. other ad types such as product ads, video ads are covered a bit but google search and display are covered massively. This mainly due to my expertise in google search ads and extensive years of experience with massive ad budget handling.

You will learn how google search ads works, how to create a campaign in search along with ad groups creation. I’d extensively covered about the negative keywords ( on what it is & how to use them). You also learn a great deal about the display network, display campaigns, display network targeting options, re-targeting and ad creatives in display network.

I’d also covered how to analyze the google search & display campaigns.

Chapter : 3 Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads

Similar to google chapter, Facebook chapter also follows the same course structure w.r.t sub chapters. Since Facebook didn’t have any search network or any similar ad types this is somehow a shorter chapter compared to google.

I’d emphasized more on creative and analysis front on Facebook chapters. It is because to succeed in social ads you need to relentlessly experiment with ads until you find the right match or desired results. Facebook targeting are covered entirely not leaving a single targeting option available at the time of course creation.

Chapter : 4 LinkedIn & Quora Ads

Quora Ads Manager

As i want this to be a comprehensive one- I though i need to cover all the major digital marketing channels. Though it was not required to cover LinkedIn & Quora Ads as extensive as google & Facebook. I’d covered LinkedIn & cover with each¬† one chapter, which would be good-enough for anyone to kick start.

But don’t directly read this chapter straightaway. Read google and Facebook chapters and then read LinkedIn. Reason is google has display network & Facebook is inherently a display network, when you read both chapters and understand, LinkedIn chapter will be easy to understand because LinkedIn is a display network. Since there will be overlap of ideas, concepts and strategies it will be easy to understand LinkedIn & Quora ads if you had already read google and Facebook.

I’ll try to add more chapters in coming days, as these platforms continues to evolve and scale massively.

Chapter : 5 Analytics & Measurement

Facebook campaign creation - Traffic

If you learn digital marketing well, you will be able to run campaigns. But It’s not enough to create a campaign and run it. You need to be able to find-out why & how something worked and something didn’t work. The single important advise i’d give to someone who want to have a career in digital marketing is to be curious. I’ll be curious if the performance is par-below as well as performance is 3X than par.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t accept 3X performance but you need to understand how & why the 3X performance is happening and you should be able to reproduce it in future campaigns. I’d presented chapters with Analysis philosophy, Analytics tools. A comprehensive course is something that covers from start to end and I hope to cover everything possible within my ability to cover in this course.

This chapter contains a sub chapter to help you install all the tracking codes that acts as infrastructure for tracking & measurement. Also i have explained about various metrics and it’s meaning for you to understand easily.

How to Learn digital marketing with this course?

How you learn digital marketing course is based on your capacity/time to consume the material. However, there are certain things i’d advise you to get the most out of this course. Once you signup for this course, You will be getting a lesson daily basis except on weekends.

You can spend at-least one hour on weekdays to learn this course. lessons might be very intense , not a light read over your bed time.

Creating high intensity content comes naturally to be, I will try to be straight on to the point. I’d recommend you to research more on the internet as you read.

If you have any doubts, or if you feel contradicted on my thoughts or strategies you can contact me via any of the social channels or via this website directly.

Why this digital marketing course?

I’m a self learn digital marketer. I’d never had visited a coaching center or brought a paid course to learn something. There’s two reasons behind this behavior

  1. I always don’t have money to send on things
  2. I don’t see any value in those paid courses ( not generalizing but most of it is).

This is based on my opinion on working with people who became digital marketers by going through the route.

This is a free digital marketing course and forever it will be.

I’d created this course because :

  1. I like to write about things i’m passionate about
  2. Whatever i know i learnt from the internet without paying anything.

I consider this as contributing something to the community of internet/digital marketing.

Creator disclaimer:

You may find errors ( typo, grammar, conceptual or otherwise). Remember this is a one person efforts, so i’m prone to making errors.I’m making constant efforts to make this course error free as much as possible. I’ll keep update whenever necessary and i’ll remove things if that doesn’t make any sense moving forward.

If you noticed any errors, i’d be grateful if you intimate me where/what about the error.

Let’s learn digital marketing together!.