Introduction – Digital Marketing

In the introduction, you will be learning the basic differences between the traditional marketing and digital marketing. Some of the unique advantage of digital marketing due to technology advances elaborated.

Google Ads

Basic understanding of semantics of google ads. Comprehensive guide on how to target, create campaigns, analysis and optimize on google search & google display networks.


Basic understanding of Facebook ads. Proven hacks to achieve results with Facebook ads in terms of targeting, campaign creation and analysis spread across multiple chapters.

Self Taught

I self taught myself in first year of my college. When i graduated, my blog got 16K monthly visitors via SEO.

International Digital Marketing Expertise

More Budget, More learning & New experiences from various countries such as India, USA, Singapore & Malaysia.

Growth Hack

Besides follow best practices, sometimes, i went above & beyond best practices to deliver 5X results.

Tech Savvy

My side project : Data science & Machine Learning.


Very Passionate about what i do. can’t take no for an answer ( in terms of results)

Digital Analytics

If you can’t measure it, you can’t optimize it. Know all the necessary philosophy and technical expertise for the tracking & analysis.

Career Guidance ( Beta)

You’re learning have to translate into a meaningful impact via job. Learn digital marketing and get a job. Know more:┬áCareer Guidance on digital Marketing